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On June 16, 1903, Henry and 12 others invested $28,000 and created Ford Motor Company. The first car built by the Company was sold on July 15, 1903. Henry owned 25.5% of the stock in the new organization.
Henry Ford transformed not only the automobile but working life and the role of transportation. Having played our part in everything from the birth of the middle class to the recent global pandemic, we serve the world with integrity and competence. The Blue Oval is one of the most recognized corporate symbols in history, continually striving to earn the trust of all stakeholders.

Since 1903, Ford Motor Company has put the world on wheels. From the moving assembly line and the $5 workday to soy foam seats and aluminum truck bodies, Ford has a long heritage of progress. You can learn more about the automobiles, innovations, and manufacturing that have made the blue oval known around the world.

Throughout its 121-year history, Ford has stepped up and made contributions in times of need. From bombers to incubators, vehicles are not the only items to come out of Ford plants.


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Henry Ford

Founder of Ford Moter Company

Jim Farley

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)